Is Sport More Of A Business Now?

Living in Scotland you’ll know we’re passionate about sport. It’s in our blood. We’ve had some of the best sports stars in Europe here and that’s down to who we are as a people. From the likes of Andy Murray to the legend of Chris Hoy, we’ve produced some great stars over the years.  Passion, creativity and a never die attitude has helped us but sport has become more about money than ever before.

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Where To Live In The UK?

At UK Business Today – we get a lot of requests from graduates and young professionals saying that they wish they had a guide to where they could stay before attending University. We thought this would be a good idea too. Each week we’re going to look at different cities and to see what type of flats and gardens they have. We feel this will be able to help the business graduates of the future.

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Health In Business And The UK

As you may as well know smoking has decreased over the past decade or so.  It’s become a bit more of a taboo since the introduction of the smoking ban back in 2006.  Say you’re a business owner and you want your staff to go smoke-free. How do they go about it?  Well, there’s plenty of ways to go smoke-free but the first thing that should be implemented is a plan. By sticking to a plan you’re able to keep on track and there’s more of a chance that you stick to your goal and quitting for good.

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