Health In Business And The UK

As you may as well know smoking has decreased over the past decade or so.  It’s become a bit more of a taboo since the introduction of the smoking ban back in 2006.  Say you’re a business owner and you want your staff to go smoke-free. How do they go about it?  Well, there’s plenty of ways to go smoke-free but the first thing that should be implemented is a plan. By sticking to a plan you’re able to keep on track and there’s more of a chance that you stick to your goal and quitting for good.

For the plan to be implemented let’s look at the various strategies available:

Going Cold Turkey

It’s a popular way of quitting but only around 10% are able to kick it for good this way. This means quitting smoking all on your own without nicotine subs or help of others.

Use Health Professionals

If you get to the bottom of your problems and learn why you smoke and what triggers you, this might be able to help you stop smoking forever. Using a health professional can find out the emotional triggers and help set a plan going forward.

Laser Therapy

This is a relatively new way to quit smoking but it’s becoming more popular all the time.  It could actually help you to quit smoking if you use the right organisation. There’s laser therapy all around.

An example is Anne Penman:

Replacement nicotine products

Patches and gum are another way of quitting cigarettes and laying off nicotine.

A Combo

Using a mixture of methods can also help you quit.  Whether that’s laser therapy and the help of health professionals or other ways. Take your time to decide as different plans work for different people.

If you’re a business owner talk to your staff and let them know that help is there if they want it.

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