Is Sport More Of A Business Now?

Living in Scotland you’ll know we’re passionate about sport. It’s in our blood. We’ve had some of the best sports stars in Europe here and that’s down to who we are as a people. From the likes of Andy Murray to the legend of Chris Hoy, we’ve produced some great stars over the years.  Passion, creativity and a never die attitude has helped us but sport has become more about money than ever before.

Has sport become more of a business now than something for the fans? Has it become a way of where it’s all about money? Let’s take football for example.  There’s so much cash in the Premier League now it’s staggering (The English Premiership.)

Clubs spend billions on players and infrastructure that it’s become a money grabbing sport in a way – it’s less about the fans and more about figures which can be upsetting.

What everyone needs to realise is that sport is for the people – not the directors above lining their pockets.  Sports like football, hockey and golf were made for the people with many being invented in the likes of Scotland and England.

Not just being invented here but we have some of the biggest teams such as Rangers and Celtic. It’s fine to make lots of money in football with football memorabilia in glasgow for example but it’s important to keep the fans at the centre of everything you do.

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