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So you’ve decided to move home but where to? London, Glasgow or Manchester? It can be a stress wherever you plan on moving to.  You might be moving for a short commute,  to a larger home or even start a family. You might be moving just to start over – whatever it may be, you need to figure when the best time to move is.

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At UK Business Today, we’ve done a lot of analysis to give you the low down on the best time to move is.

When in the year should you move?

When should you move? That’s  something that you need to think about.  There are different factors to consider.  The busiest time of the year to move is during Summer and Winter as there are more holidays during these seasons. Autumn and Spring are a tad quieter, the weather is milder and it’s also quieter on the roads.

If you’re looking for removals Edinburgh or elsewhere in the UK, there’s plenty of removals companies that do commercial and domestic moves.

Think about the family too

If your kids are in school, its good to work around their studies so they can say bye to their friends and they can finish off the school year before moving.  It can be a costlier exercise to move during summer but if you have kids, this is the best option.

The roads will be busy during the holiday season so it’s best to avoid the likes of Christmas.

By avoiding busy and expensive times (apart if you’re moving with your family) you can move at a cheaper rate and at a less stressful rate also. It’s important to move at the right time because moving house is one of the most stressful things we can do.

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