The Open Or Closed Office?

You’re wanting to set up your own business.   Wanting to start on your own comes with many reasons.   Thinking of moving to a new city for better opportunities or to find new clients. One of the other things that needs to be taken into consideration is the type of office you want to set up. The open or closed arrangement.

What office space is going to bring you more success in terms of profit and a general better working environment?  What are the pros and cons of both? Let’s look at what needs to happen to set up both:


The Office  Cost

The cost of setting up the office can be costly. Although the open plan office is more cost effective it can still come with other expenses. It will keep cool during summer and warmer in winter. It’s easy to change the layout due to the open plan. A closed office space costs more to change around due to the walls etc.  Rent is also cheaper as you can fit more staff into the open plan environment but it can be costly to keep the modern feel to an open plan as it will have new and expensive furniture.

The Privacy Aspect

Directors and CEO’s might like to deal with business in private and the closed office offers this.  Dealing with new clients or finances or staff problems are better to handle behind closed doors and out of earshot of other staff members.  This way you can talk freely without being scrutinised by others.  If your HR Glasgow team is wanting to discuss issues then a closed office environment offers this too.

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